OLFACTORY FASHION- unique fragrance options arise

//OLFACTORY FASHION- unique fragrance options arise

OLFACTORY FASHION- unique fragrance options arise

Scent has been a major player lately, with brands incorporating it into everything from billboards to scratch ‘n’ sniff packaging to cocktails. Innovations in perfume are giving wearers new options for fragrance, from visualizing it to wearing it to creating it themselves.
AMKIRI- Modern youth are open-minded to body ornamentation—76% of Trendsetters either have or are interested in getting a tattoo—and innovations in temporary ink are giving them even more options for adornment. Amkiri combines body art and scent to produce the world’s first visual fragrance. The brand’s scented ink comes in charcoal and ivory shades, and is hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and waterproof. Users can purchase a stencil pattern to follow, or freehand their own design; the ink and fragrance lasts 12 hours or more.

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