New ways to wear perfume that mean: Spritzing your scent is so last year!

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Available in white and dark grey, this pot of scented ink is rather like an oversized nail varnish bottle, with a brush built into the lid. It is designed to be drawn freehand on to the skin, or applied using one of the stencils included. You simply stick the adhesive stencil to your skin, and […]


Fragrance philosophy in a nutshell: Why wear fragrance that disappears when you can wear fragrance that can be seen?


Amkiri Visual Fragrance (USA) Among the more disruptive texture innovations seen in the past 12 months, this scented ink available in black or white is simply painted onto the skin with a brush applicator, using the included stencils to create a tattoo-like shape. A fragrance you can see, it combines the senses of smell and […]

The ultimate WIRED Christmas gift guide for 2019

If we all must venture out in the cold in search of parties, tell your dearest to double up on perfume and body art with Amkiri’s two-in-one inks. The idea is to paint temporary tattoos with the unisex fragrance, which combines ginger oil, juniper berry, spearmint, musk and cedarwood notes, onto neck, décolletage and wrists […]

Are Scented Accessories the Next Beauty Trend?

Amkiri is an industry-changing perfumer that features a variety of tattoo stencils and a scented want to apply the signature fragrances. A freehand wand is available to draw on your own design. The scents are hypoallergenic, water & sweat resistant, alcohol-free, vegan, and long-lasting.

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Dope Stuff On My Desk: Stay Woke And Wonderfully Stylish By Any Means Necessary! WE PROMISE YOU’LL WANT TO SNAG EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST.

AMKIRI Original Scent Charcoal Wand and Stencils

As a blogger, I’m extremely fortunate enough to receive gifts from brands and retailers so I can feature them here on my blog. Occasionally a package will turn up in the mail that I wasn’t expecting, and the guys over the Feelunique very kindly sent me the Amkiri Original Scent Charcoal Wand and Stencils, and […]

Is Decorative, Wearable Perfume the Future of Fragrance?

Similar to Diptyque’s latest launches, the brand Amkiri launched in New York City this past spring as the world’s “first visual fragrance”—the format is a stencil semi-permanent tattoo, instead of a typical bottle of liquid. However, the strikingly innovative thing about this product is that it’s entirely customizable, as the formula is a stencil and […]