31 Brands That Are Celebrating Pride Month By Giving Back

AMKIRI Visual Fragrance launched a limited edition stencil collection for Pride month called “Love is Love,” which accompanies its Visual Fragrance product range in honor of LGBTQ+ Pride Month. AMKIRI will be donating to the It Gets Better Project, a global movement to empower, uplift and connect LGBTQ+ youth. The brand was already donating $1 […]

The 14 Best Summer Fragrances for Any Occasion


This unique fragranced ink presents a whole new way to wear a scent. Instead of a spritz from a pretty glass bottle, Amkiri Visual Fragrance is blended as a charcoal gray (or ivory) ink that you paint directly on your skin. The bottle is reminiscent of nail polish, with a long, quill-like brush top that […]

Amkiri Creates Visual Scent Experience


Indie brand Amkiri officially unveiled a new category in beauty: visual fragrance. Amkiri’s Wand & Stencil Set ($60) ensures the most precise application. Each stroke delivers a unique combination of sight and scent, producing beautiful body art with long-lasting fragrance. The Original Wand has a wider brush to make stenciling a snap when paired with […]

Pride-Celebrating Stencil Sets


Amkiri sets itself apart by creating Visual Fragrance, a “brand new product category for the beauty industry which combines the senses of smell and sight.” By integrating a visual element, the product inherently has the potential to promote self-expression and artistry, and to help with this, Amkiri offers a variety of stencil sets to help […]

Most Unique Fragrances For Summer


Amkiri [Original Scent] is a light fragrance that brings together reinvigorating spearmint essences with zesty ginger oil and juniper. Heady impressions of musk and cedar wood linger on skin, resulting in a distinctive fragrance that is both ethereal but crisp; sensual and classic.



Nowadays, there are many interesting ways to wear fragrances. In addition to the perfume sprays, you can find solid and oil perfumes, fragrance mists, perfumed body powders and more. But have you ever wondered if there is a way to wear perfume to make it visible?