A must-have stencil collection for creating dainty tattoos

The Essentials collection is all about the classics: stars, hearts, flowers & crowns. Use these small designs to add a little magic touch to your style. Use alone or in combination with any other collection. The collection includes 3 copies of 4 different stencil sheets for a total of 200+ stencils. Stencils only - AMKIRI PERFUMED INK not included


The stencils are designed to be used with AMKIRI's Perfumed Ink to create temporary tattoos. The stencils are suitable for use on the skin, they are specially created to stick well and allow the ink to be easily applied so that the tattoo comes out accurately. Each stencil is designed for one perfect application.

Size: 2.4in x 5.7in (6cm x 14.5cm)

These stencils designs are sold separately, and do not include the Perfumed Ink. The stencils themselves are not fragrant. You must paint the Visual Fragrance™ Perfumed Ink onto the stencil to get the full AMKIRI experience.

If you are just starting out with AMKIRI, we recommend you get the AMKIRI BASIC sets then add to your design collection with an array of stencils.

  1. Choose a design and stick stencil firmly on skin.
  2. Gently shake The Wand.
  3. Paint in the stencil with Visual Fragrance™; one coat should be sufficient.
  4. Wait 10 seconds and while the ink is still damp, gently peel off the stencil.
  5. Let AMKIRI dry for 3 minutes.

Embrace the Magic of AMKIRI Visual Fragrance™!


  • For Best Results: Avoid contact with AMKIRI design for 15 minutes
  • To Remove: Gently scrub with soap and water or swipe off with makeup remover wipes.
  • Do not use on face near the eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • Gently shake the AMKIRI Wand to ensure the tip is fully covered with ink. Apply sticker stencil design firmly & evenly on a clean patch of skin.
  • Paint Visual Fragrance™ in from outside edges of the stencil towards the center.
  • Wait only 10 seconds for the ink to set before you peel off the stencil. (The goal is not to let the ink dry on the stencil.)
  • Be sure to peel the stencil off in the same direction of the shape. (For example: if an arrow design is pointing to the left, peel to the left!)
  • If you get some AMKIRI outside the lines, moisten a cotton swab and blot around the design.
  • You can even use the the top of The Wand as a hard edge for definition.
  • Allow AMKIRI 3 minutes to dry. Avoid friction or contact for 15 minutes to reveal even better results!
  • AMKIRI stencils should only be used for one application.
  • Store AMKIRI in a cool place out of direct sunlight.