Fall in love with fragrance fueled by self-expression

Amkiri started with a breakthrough idea:

“If fragrance is our signature, why can’t it be seen?” We created the first-ever fragrance you can paint on your skin with our signature ink. That’s right. We invented (and patented) a whole new category in the beauty industry. And we’re all about inspiring and empowering you to do the same.

We’re ink de parfum

Push your creativity. Reinvent yourself. Play. Live. Dare. Paint on a little Amkiri to spruce up your outfit, or paint a lot to let it steal the show. Say goodbye to the fragrance you spritz and disappear, and hello to endless creative bliss.

And the scent?

It smells like sunshine after the rain, like a rush of pure minerals a breath of fresh air, a gust of cool ocean breeze, a blooming aquatic flower, a lush green forest and a soft crackling fireplace all wrapped into one exhilarating scent

We're making history.

And headlines.

You’re the MPV

We’re team players, but you are the captain of your creativity. You’re the all-star, the MVP.

We’re here to inspire, you’re here to create. We give you our fragrance-infused ink and stencils, the rest is yours to manifest.
Gender neutral. Ageless. Timeless. Inclusive. Our fragrance is designed to be loved by all.

Try it with your BFF. Your older brother. Your next-door neighbor. And your grandma.

Amkiri party anyone?

The innovation

We’ve patented a revolutionary ink that carries our signature scent. It’s painted on with a simple brush stroke over our artistic stencils. It stays on for 12+ hours, DOUBLE the time than traditional fragrance. Rain or shine (we’re sweat + water resistant), or depending on your mood, it’s SO easy to apply and remove.

The scent

The Original Scent “The Amkiri ink is very earthy, which conjured my past while inspiring me to add a modern twist to create a new story.” Scent collaborator: Chiaki Nomura. IFF Perfumer, NYC TOP As it opens with contrasting earthy yet cooling Iced Spearmint, it refreshes the senses with a blast of energy. Mixed with ginger oil and juniper berry, IT comes off as spicy, fresh and exhilarating all at once. HEART With undertones of pure minerals and lush, aquatic flowers, this fragrance transports you to the depths of natural springs nestled in the heart of the green forest. BASE The warmth of the must and sensual woody character of the cedarwood add a touch of sensuality, making it an unforgettable voyage to your mind’s happiest place.