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The Scent

The Amkiri Original Scent is a long-lasting fine fragrance that opens the imagination and inspires the creative spirit within.

Light and refreshing spearmint meets rich and spicy undertones of ginger oil and juniper berry.
Hints of musk and cedar wood round out this dreamy and sensual scent.

Our premier fine fragrance, The Amkiri Original Scent was developed in collaboration with the esteemed perfumers at International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF). Taking the vision of a multisensory, genderless fragrance, we created a scent that would enliven a journey of self-expression. We blended the most desirable scent characteristics: Sexy and sophisticated, classic and clean.

The result is a universal fragrance that invites everyone to enjoy.


Scent collaborator: Chiaki Nomura

IFF Perfumer, NYC

“The Amkiri ink is very earthy, which conjured my past while inspiring me
to add a modern
twist to create a new story.”


Moved by the strokes of the Amkiri wand, Chiaki was reminded of her childhood in Japan, where she practiced shodō, or calligraphy, to express herself artistically. She drew upon the sensations of painting words beautifully; a simple but understated concept that is harmonious, proportional, and balanced.


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