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Visual Fragrance™


We’re the first-ever Visual Fragrance™️

What does that even mean?

The history of fragrance dates back to Ancient Egypt (Yaaaas Queen Cleopatra), but never before has fragrance been combined in a way that can be seen! AMKIRI is a silky smooth ink infused with fine fragrance that pairs perfectly with our thoughtfully designed stencils. In case you were thinking we’re a temporary tattoo, there’s so much more than meets the eye.

We’re ink de parfum. We’re fragrance that you can see! ?

We’ve created a revolutionary ink that carries our signature scent. It’s painted on with a simple brushstroke, and stays on for 12+ hours (about DOUBLE the time than traditional perfume!). Rain or shine, the design will stay on as long (or as short) as you want it to!

We’re that extra push to get your style to the next level. That little boost of confidence that will have people asking what smell you’re wearing. That playful new accessory that can either make a statement or be low key. Did we mention we’re also vegan and cruelty-free?

Above all, we’re team players, and YOU are the captain of your creativity. You’re the all-star, the MVP ?. We’re here to inspire, you’re here to create. We give you the never-before-seen fragrance-infused ink, the rest is yours to manifest. And we know you’re the type that thinks outside of the box.

And the scent?

It smells like
sunshine after the rain
that rosey colored sunset
a summer Friday afternoon
a spark of inspiration
sleeping in on a Sunday morning
hugging your BFF
the hottie next door
the cool girl at school
electrifying pillow talk
the sweetest morning after
the warmth of juniper berry
and the freshness of spearmint
all wrapped into one signature scent.

How do we do it?
With the first stroke of ink you brush on, you’ll think its magic! But it’s actually science. We spent years experimenting in the lab to create our groundbreaking patented Visual Fragrance™️ formula.





Fragrance & Design


Water & Sweat




Vegan &


Easy to Apply
& Remove

Why does it matter?

Why did man go to the moon? We’re always reaching new heights and ways to express ourselves. We believe scent is the best way to keep memories alive, and bold design is the best way to show it.

We don’t follow trends. We literally invent them.

Who are we?
We’re your creativity squad.

We’re a female bossed company backed by investors leading the beauty industry and headed by a mother-daughter duo.

Founded in 2014 by Shoval Shavit Shapiro, globe-trotting beauty-fashion addict that lives and breathes the future, Aliza Shavit cosmetics guru and master chemist, and entrepreneur David Chissick.
We’re all about empowering all those around us to create and invent.
With the support of incredible investors, team members, and an inspiring community, AMKIRI is making headlines worldwide.

We’re making history. And headlines. Word on the street is

“Amkiri is a patented, first-of-its-kind ink infused with a unisex fragrance that blends invigorating spearmint with spicy ginger and juniper berry undertones, rounding it out with whispers of earthy musk and cedar wood.” – Vogue
“Creators of Amkiri are not just perfumers. They are innovators who thought to introduce a new category in the beauty industry: visual fragrance.” – Forbes
“This unique fragranced ink presents a whole new way to wear a scent.” – Allure
“Spritzing on your scent is so 2018. These days, daring fashionistas much prefer to paint their fragrance onto the ultimate canvas – their skin.” – Guest of a Guest

We knew you wouldn’t forget that special someone!


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